The Very Serious Matter Of Concussion

Warning; this could be your red-letter day. Do not ‘rest at ease’ if you ‘only receive a tap on the head’. You may feel no pain the moment someone bumps into you. And you may feel nothing later on either. But be careful here, to ‘feel nothing’ could have serious repercussions. Do make the time. Go online and check the concussion side effects etters pa listings. To repeat, do make time for this. In the meantime, here is your brief motivational introduction.

concussion side effects etters pa

If even the slightest of concussions is treated lightly and dismissed out of hand, serious complications could develop much later. It may not happen overnight, but in time it could. And the next time you receive a ‘light tap on the head’ you could be paralyzed. Maybe not for life, that’s at least positive. But it could take months, if not, longer to recover. And the only way this would be possible would be through intensive medical treatment and care, usually by a practicing neurological specialist and his team of assistants and caregivers.

What this is going to do to your medical plan, no-one knows. That’s only if you’re lucky enough to have one. And that’s not even it. A concussion that develops serious symptoms later on could very well necessitate the need for treatment in other areas. Like physical therapy. Or even psychological counseling. One of the many serious symptoms of concussion is seizures. Maybe it’ll never happen to you, but you can never be too sure.  

Try and educate yourself as best as you can. Going through that proposed list mentioned earlier would be a good start. Do this if you have received a knock, even if it doesn’t appear serious. Go to the doctor. Just to make sure.